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Alison + LT Balkin

Alison was contacted by Victorian Dj and Producer LT Balkin to launch his debut album 7 Years Too Late in March of 2021.  Alison sang 3 of his tracks live at the launch night. You can listen to the full album here 


Click on the photo for a great article by Ebony Raymond at the SE Voice newspaper. 

Alison and Luke are continuing their work together and collaborating on a number of tracks at the moment - Smoke and Roses and Heart's A Mess are the 1st two. Check out a great review of the latter here

Alison + Babak Bazgosha

Alison has been adding her lyurics and vocals to tracks created by Electronic Dance Music Producer Babak Bazgosha for a few months now, they have collaborated on tracks titled Start the Night and When I See You. 

Babak, who s a 1/2 Russian 1/2 Persian, started in music when he was 12years old playing gutar, and began EDM prouction in 2012.

Listen to their tracks here

start the night.PNG


Alison, Emma and Emma's husband John make up the trio Alemjo. They create new age/meditation/relaxation music. Alemjo was born in early 2015 when they were approached to create a live musical experience for a meditation class.

Their debut album Music for Meditation was released in August 2015. This album was created to accompany a chakra themed Yoga class, and they have performed it live twice since the launch. 

John plays and produces the layered instrumental sounds through the use of guitars, keyboard and effects. Emma and Alison bring their gentle and intuitive vocals, together with percussive instruments and Tibetan singing bowls. 

Alison and Emma have been singing together with whole lives and have relished the unique creative process that this project has brought them. 

John has been creating and playing music since his teens and enjoys a range of music from relaxation to extreme metal. The Alemjo project shows the endless bounds of his creativity.


Em and Al

Emma and Alison (sisters) have been singing together their whole lives. From a young age they would put on concerts for their parents which usually involved dancing on the coffee table wearing matching outfits. They took singing lessons together in primary school, and in high school they both joined Mayfair Singers where they sang together for 20 years. They have sung at weddings together since 1996, a number of funerals, private functions, Christmas shows and other corporate events.  They love the energy of performing and sharing their rich harmonies with audiences.  The girls are available to sing at any function - from weddings, birthdays and fundraisers. 

Contact them here and listen to tracks here

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