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Alison's kind and gentle nature made it easy to share these sometimes difficult conversations.

Leah Franklin

I've been listening to your podcasts and I love your interview style. You're natural, warm and have a good sense of humour!

Rebeccza McMartin

Congratulations on creating such a brilliant resource for creative parents!! What an honour to be a small part of it. Love what you’re building here.

Georgia Fields

You know, we have International Women's Day where you know, everyone posts on their social media, how good it is to support women. But you're an example of someone actually actively doing that. And  I have a lot of respect for that and very grateful for the opportunity to join in with the fantastic work you're doing.

Fleur Harris

Powerful conversation with a healthy dose of fun. I do enjoy your style! The best!

Bianca Morra

Alison is a truly compassionate host who genuinely wants to have conversations that will have a positive impact on moms everywhere. She asks thought provoking and powerful questions to explore the good, bad and the ugly of motherhood, and to normalize the issues that challenge us. And she's not afraid to say that she doesn't have it all figured out, which I just LOVE!                                                                                           Lisa Sugarman

I am so thankful for the work The Art of Being a Mum is doing for the art and parenting community.

Mercedes Rodgers

What you do is wonderful. I think what you're doing is so significant. And it's so important. And I'm so happy to be here and to talk to you.

Shweta Bist

It was such a pleasure talking with you and I would love to again anytime. You're a gem! 

Charlotte Condie

What an absolute honour to speak with Alison, Alison has such a beautiful way of interviewing and is a beautiful soul. 

Carmen Bliss

I have enjoyed your podcast so much. I’ve realized that unlike many other interviewers you don’t take over the interviews and make it all about yourself... you allow your guest to tell their stories.

Louise Tye

It was a pleasure chatting with you, you are so easy to talk to.

Dr Melanie Cooper

Such an amazing experience to be a part of! Thank you for allowing me to talk so openly, without judgement. It is so important to continue our creative journeys.

Pariya Ziakas

Thanks Alison you made that so comfortable.  You are excellent at what you do.

- Bianca Richardson

Thank you for having me on your brilliant show.

Katherine Collette

I truly had a great time talking to you. You are very easy to talk to !! 

Daneille Kloberdanz

I truly had a great time talking to you. You are very easy to talk to !! 

Daneille Kloberdanz

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