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Be inspired by honest conversations with artistic + creative mothers, who are passionate about continuting their work, no matter what.

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Hi there I'm Alison, its so great to have you here!

I'm a mum of 2 boys and a singer/
songwriter, so I know first hand how challenging it can be to balance your role as a mother with the intense need to create.

I started this podcast to reach out to other creative mums, in a time of my own crisis, to see how they were handling things, but since then it has turned into so much more.

The aim now being -  to encourage mothers to see the value in their creating and to try to support them to know that they are not alone - challenge cultural norms and break down a few patriarchal stereotypes along the way.

Since July 2021, I have released an episode each week, and built a thriving community of likeminded and supportive women
online. What we are doing is shining a light on the stories of mothers, giving them a voice and reminding society that they have great value outside of their mothering roles. xx

About me and the show

“This feels like the podcast version of Rachel Power’s book The Divided Heart and I think it’s what we need.” Katherine Collette – author and podcaster

"Alison has a charming and disarming interview style. This makes for a podcast that proves to be a great companion, throughout its entended library of interviews." Steve Davis - podcaster, critic, comedian and educator. 

"You know, we have International Women's Day where you know, everyone posts on their social media, how good it is to support women. But you're an example of someone actually actively doing that. And  I have a lot of respect for that and very grateful for the opportunity to join in with the fantastic work you're doing."  Fleur Harris - illustrator and designer

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