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Alison started singing as a child and never stopped! Her first performance was singing 'Silent Night' at the Reidy Park School  assembly when she was 5 years old.

Throughout Primary School Alison was a prolific writer of poetry and stories, never hesitating to share her work or volunteer her services when a concert or fundraiser was being organised. She wrote and performed 2 songs, self accompanied in the piano, at a school concert in year 6. She had some incredibly supportive teachers during this time who encouraged her creativity, namely Geraldine Hinkley, Lyd Kostelnik and Heather Struthers. 

Her first formal singing lessons were brief, learning about the correct diaphragmatic breathing technique before having to quit due to other after school commitments such as horse riding and playing the organ.  Alison fondly recalls the Sunday afternoon concerts that her and her sister Emma would put on for her parents, dressing in matching outfits with denim shorts, tights and leg warmers - dancing on the coffee table. They would often make videos singing to their favourite artists such as the Bangles, Belinda Carlisle, Morris Minor and the Majors and Bananarama - this was the 90s remember!

Her earliest exposure to music came in many varied forms. At home mum played Boney M, ABBA and Olivia Newton John, her dad country music such as Don Williams and Johnny Cash.  Her Nana was fond of Scottish pipe bands and Dolly Parton. Her grandmother loved classical music and Alison enjoyed looking through her extensive vinyl album collection. Alison attributes this eclectic  blend to the reason she loves just about all kinds of music to this day (except for RnB)

After starting high school Alison auditioned to be a member of the Mayfair Singers - her sister Emma had been a founding member just a few weeks earlier. Alison recalls being a bit annoyed that she missed out on the Primary Schools Musical Festival experience, as this started after she had left Primary School.  Peter Habib was pleased to have her along, and Alison enjoyed the experience of harmony singing, learning to sight read and the numerous performance opportunities that Mayfair gave her. She spent 20 years as a member, many of those as a leader and Committee Member. She also gained experience in small group singing, duos and trios, and very very large choirs during this time. Her love of harmony singing endured and she enjoys singing with her sister Emma to this day in their Em and Al duo. 

After leaving Mayfair, Alison decided to take a step back from organised groups and 'do her own thing'. This lead to the creation of her solo brand and more work at weddings, parties and functions. Throughout this time her love of writing returned, and the 'Heart Songs' album idea was born.  She also enjoys collaborating with her sister Emma, and Emma's husband John creating ambient/new age relaxation and meditation music called Alemjo 

Alison is a mother of 2 boys Digby and Alex, and lives with her husband Ben and 2 cats in Mount Gambier. She works as a child care educator. In her spare time she loves to practice yoga and laze around on the couch doing nothing.



Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia

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