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circa aurora

Throughout the disjointed time of lockdown 2020, I had the time and space to revisit some of my favourite songs, and learn some new ones. I was moved to create a collection of these covers, in a project I have called Circa Aurora - around the time of Corona. Whenever I felt the need, I will be added to this collection. These songs are ones I have generally not covered before, and in all I have endeavoured to put my own stamp on each by commissioning a tailored backing, changing the key, tempo or tune.

Online initiatives such as @homegrownsuperstarsau on Instagram have encouraged me to look outside my comfort zone when it comes to song choices, styles and genres.

I have relished the fresh task of allowing my imagination and creativity to run wild.

Click on each image to listen to the track or hear them all in my Spotify playlist here 


take on me 3000 1.jpg
jolene 3000.jpg
smells like teen spirit 3000.jpg
break my stride 2 3000.jpg
come as you are 3000.jpg
dance monkey 3000 2.jpg
3000 not the doctor.jpg
3000 3000 wutherimg heights.jpg
500 miles 3000.jpg
3000  lay down your guns.jpg
3000 heavy heart.jpg
3000 candle on the water.jpg
wonderful world 3000.jpg
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