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Alison Newman, Emma Anderson and Emma's husband John Anderson make up the trio Alemjo. They create new age/meditation/relaxation music. Alemjo was born in early 2015 when they were approached to create a live musical experience for a meditation class.

Their debut album Music for Meditation was released in August 2015. This album was created to accompany a chakra themed Yoga class, and they have performed it live twice since the launch. 

John plays and produces the layered instrumental sounds through the use of guitars, keyboard and effects. Emma and Alison bring their gentle and intuitive vocals, together with percussive instruments and Tibetan singing bowls. 

Alison and Emma have been singing together with whole lives and have relished the unique creative process that this project has brought them. 

John has been creating and playing music since his teens and enjoys a range of music from relaxation to extreme metal. The Alemjo project shows the endless bounds of his creativity.

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