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My name is Hernán Romero, producer and songwriter, and I am very happy to be involved in Alison´s New Album. With Leandro Zilberberg, we formed a team to produce Alison´s new songs. We make the arrangements of each song, add parts, record the instruments, hire special musicians (in case we need them) and Mix the songs. At the end of the Mixing process, we send the songs to a Mastering Studio.

Alison´s is an excellent singer and songwriter and we believe in her new songs.


About Hernán Romero


Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1984, Hernán is a songwriter, musician, producer and sound engineer. Graduated from Universidad de Tres de Febrero as "Licenciado en Artes Electrónicas (Electronic Arts Degree in Music & Sound) and Conservatorio Juan Sebastián Bach, he has been collaborating with diverse Artists & composing music for tv, films and advertising.

He has written songs for Canal 13 (Argentina), La Uno & Telemadrid (Spain).

Since 2018, he lives in Madrid where he is about to release his new studio album.


About Leandro Zilberberg


Born in Buenos Aires in 1992, Leandro is a musician, producer and composer. Graduated from Conservatorio Juan Sebastian Bach and Escuela de Música Contemporánea (Berklee International Network), he has been working as a session musician for diverse artists and projects both live and in studio.


Since 2014 he has been composing and producing music for tv, films and advertising.

Alison Newman continues to be a fantastic support for our community. As part of the Lifeboat SE support crew, Alison shares her love for her family through song. This great artist places her heart on her sleeve, through her music and songs, as she shares to support families in our community with her experience as a lived experience person of post-natal depression.

You can listen to Alison share her story to help offer understanding in our community:…/experiencing-post-natal-depres…

Lifeboat SE support crew encourage health seeking behaviour in the community through their sharing of symptoms, tools and resources they used to help themselves or others during tough times. They are prepared to listen and support you or someone you know in your health seeking behaviour and management of mental health conditions


 We appreciate Alison's continued contribution, in which many members of our community comment on the support Alison has given them or family members.


Matthew Brookes


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