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Hello artistic/creative mum!!


Thank you so much for agreeing to be featured on the Art of Being a Mum blog. If you could please copy and paste the questions into a word doc or email, and then type your answers underneath, to send back to me.


Artist Info

Tell us about yourself, your art form, what you create, style, mediums you use.   Let us get to know you as an artist.  How did you get started, influences, why this artform, were you a creative child, what sparked your interest,  any study you have done in this field, etc. Is this what you always wanted to do? Did you feel like you had to get a 'real' job and not pursue art?

Family info

Tell us about your family, children, ages, (names are optional)

Share as much or as little detail as you wish. 

Day to day

What does your art life look like today?

Hours you are able to spend, challenges, pros and cons

How do you juggle it all? How do your children fit into this?

Any tips you can share or things you wish you had known?

Did you need to find new ways to work so you could continue creating?


Do you/did you have others in your art circle that have had this experience?

Do you or have you had role models about how to juggle creating art

and the demands of parenthood?

Do you/did you have a support network around you?

How did that/does that affect your work/art/creativity?

Being a mum

Did having a child/becoming a mother influence or inform your work?

This one is not about the day to day logistics, more about the emotions that came up that might have manifested in your work

"Mum guilt"

Do you believe in the concept of "mum guilt"?
a) when it comes to your art and
b) general life.

Do you feel differently about mum guilt depending on what you are doing? eg art or normal life?

Yes/No/Why? Discuss - this is one of my favourite topics 

What triggers your mum guilt? (if you feel it)


How did the concept of your own identity change when you became a mum? 

Is it important to you to be "more than a mother"?

eg - you are also your own person, artist, wife, daughter etc

If so, how do you give yourself time and space to do/feel this this?
What are your thoughts around this?

Is it important to you to continue your art/own interests?

Is it important to you that your children see that you do more than just the mothering role?

Value of your art/creativity

We're not talking about the monetary value of your work here, but the importance you place on your creating. If you don't bring money into your household with your creative work, does that diminish the value of it in your eyes? How do you feel about how society sees the value of (mother) artists contributions?


Cultural Norms

When you were growing up, what sort of a mother was your own mother expected to be?
Did society expect her to focus only on her family and home roles?
How did that effect you as a child and then growing up and how you approached your own parenting?

I'm in Australia so Im really interested in how other cultures have expereienced this. 

Anything else

An opportunity for you to share anything additional that is important to you, or to promote yourself, your business, etc


What projects are you working on or have coming up? Shows, gigs, etc

Where can people find you online? Social etc

Other notes

  • Although not a topic I ask guests directly about, the subject of mental health comes up more often than not. If you feel comfortable sharing your experience please do so. 


  •  promo photos that I can share. This can be of you, an example of your work, your family/children, anything that you would like to represent you. Any number from 1-5 is great, and at least one that shows your face is great.

  • links to your website/instgram etc or any other links you wish to share

  •  a list of the materials/equipment you use in your practice.  I like to compile a list and provide links for listens to purchase or research further if they wish. 

  • an artistic bio, any special awards or upcoming events you would like mentioned in your show notes. 



Your blog will go live on a Friday. Leading up to this I will post the following on my instagram and facebook accounts:

  • Wednesday - Introduction using supplied photo 

  • Thursday - Quote tile

  • Friday - Out Now image tile

  • Sunday - Reel - supplied photos 

  • Tuesday - Quote tile
    for examples of these check out my instagram

I will tag you in each, feel free to share or repost on your socials, it certainly helps to spread the word.

You will also have a dedicated landing page for your blog, which is a great place to direct people to, if you would like this link for your website or socials please let me know, or you can extrapolate it here: eg

From time to time I post previous guests’ quotes so you may notice yourself pop up again months down the track. I enjoy taking relevant quotes and sharing them around a theme on my socials.

If you have any queries or questions please let me know,


Alison  x


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