Alex McLaughlin

Canadian acrylic and watercolour artist,

S2 Ep36

Alex McLaughlin

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Today I welcome Alex McLaughlin to the podcast, Canadian acrylic and watercolour artist and mum of 2 boys from Midland Ontario.

Raised in Honey Harbour on Georgian Bay, Alex was fortunate enough to have a childhood full of love and opportunity. Her summers can be best characterized by exploration, swimming, boating, and working for the family business. Having the opportunity to be on the water nearly every day since she was born has never been something she has never taken for granted.

After working as a paramedic on the streets of Toronto for many years, Alex felt the pull to return to her childhood home, and now lives there with her husband and 2 boys. She now focuses solely on her art, working out of her home studio which allows her to to maximize precious painting time and be the present mother she has always wanted to be.

Put simply, Alex feels like she is now doing what she was always meant to be doing.

Ever since Alex was little, her grandmother encouraged her to practice and appreciate the arts as a way to document her life. Alex is a predominately self taught artist, but after taking a watercolour course by local Canadian artist John Hartman everything seemed to make sense for her and allowed her to explore her local area with a new set of eyes.

Recently, Alex created her first-ever painting series that is very close to her heart: Georgian Bay Reflections. Using vibrant colour and layered brush strokes, Alex feels her way through each piece until its depth and composition are reminiscent of this special place that was, is and always will be home.

Through the power of her expressionism artform, Alex's hope for us is to be reminded of how the simple and natural things in life are the most beautiful. In a world that seems to be evolving faster than ever before, Most of all her wish is to have us stop and experience, even just for a moment, the beauty of life translated through art.

**This episode contains discussion around anxiety, OCD and depression**

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The Massasauga Rattler Snake

Beam Paints is the paint company Alex mentioned who she found making water colour paints locally.

Music used with permission from Alemjo

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