Eleesa Howard

Australian contemporary mixed media visual artist

S1 Ep25

Eleesa Howard

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In this final regular weekly episode for 2021 and Season 1, my guest is Eleesa Howard. Eleesa is a contemporary artist from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and a mum of 3. She works with multiple mediums including acrylics, oil pastels and collage, and is not afraid to experiment with any materials on hand.

Eleesa approaches her expressionist style in an intuitive way, using her painting and collages as a way of letting go, of not over-thinking life and instead focusing on the positive and joyous in every day.

Her works are reflective, exploring relationships, emotions, and connections to her family, community, and environment. Eleesa is currently focusing on exploring sentimental childhood memories, motherhood and the everyday moments.

Today we chat about being clear and communicating your art making needs, using art to move through challenging transitions in life, drawing inspiration from strong female figures in her life and the joys of raising teenagers.

Connect with Eleesa on her website - https://www.eleesahoward.com.au/

and instagram - https://www.instagram.com/eleesa__art/?hl=en

View Eleesa’s latest series Memories Are Made - https://www.instagram.com/p/CXPFDFABV_K/

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