Georgia Fields

Australian singer, songwriter and musician

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Georgia Fields

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Georgia Fields is a singer, songwriter, producer and arranger from Melbourne Vic, and a mum of 2.

She has been recording and releasing music as an independent artist for over 10 years. In 2010 Georgia recorded her debut self-titled album. Georgia Fields was awarded Album of the Week for ABC Radio National and Beat Magazine, and saw her perform on national television for SBS’ RocKwiz.

Since then she has released Astral Debris in 2016 and Afloat, Adrift in 2017 - an EP captured live with The Andromeda String Quartet and She currently working on her next album Hiraeth, due for release 2022.

She has also founded and launched The Mother Lode - a community to support and connect working mums in the Australian music industry.

In this episode we chat about experiencing and dealing with 'imposter syndrome', the challenge of returning to performing after taking a maternity break, ageism in the music industry, THAT Triple J tweet and our mutual love for The Beatles.

**This episode contains discussions around post natal depression and anxiety**

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Georgia's music used with permission

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