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Katherine Collette

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Welcome! My guest today is Katherine Collette, a writer and podcaster from Melbourne VIC, and a mum of 2.

Katherine spent her childhood writing, whether that be poetry, in diaries, stories or to pen pals. Throughout high school it fell away until her 20s when she would write a little play or comics for friends,

An engineer by trade, when Katherine turned 30, she reflected on the long held hope that during her life she would write a book, so she began.

Her first book The Helpline, based around the people she had met in her work life. was published in 2019 and she followed up with The Competition in February of this year - 2022.

Her style is described as light but clever comic writing with a bit of punch.

Katherine also co hosts the First Time Podcast with fellow writer and previous guest of mine, Kate Mildenhall.

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Varuna Writers Retreat / The Divided Heart by Rachel Power / Rachel Power's podcast episode

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