Louise Agnew

Australian photographer

S2 Ep41

Louise Agnew

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Louise Agnew is a photographer based in Millicent, SA mother of 3 children.

Louise came to photography professionally 10 years ago after a career in psychology and social work, after the urge for a creative outlet took over.

Louise loves capturing the relationship between mothers and their children, and is a champion of encouraging mums to get out from behind the cameras and into the photos! Her candid style and genuine relationships forged with her clients has made Louise a local favourite, cemented by the many community collaborations she takes on.

Today we chat about how Louise was able to make a big shift in her mindset and identity around mothering, body image and the media and the high value she places on having a therapist you can talk to.

You'll also hear some chatter with her 8 month old son George :)

**This discussion contains mentions of mental health issues**

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