Megan Arlin

US knitter and yarn dyer

S1 Ep14

Megan Arlin

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This week I welcome my first international guest to the show, Megan Arlin from Colorado Springs, USA.

Megan is a small batch yarn dyer running Huck and Rae Fibre Studio, and a mother of 2.

Megan grew up in a creative home, she was a mixed media artist, using graphites, coloured pencils and collaging, selling her art and has been into yarn since the age of 18,

She now enjoys being able to chat to people all over the world and assist them in creating their ideal colours and textures.

We chat about the importance of her having something that is just for her, the identity crisis that she experienced after the birth of her first child, and how much she loves being a part of the very supportive online knitting community.

** This episode contains discussions around post natal anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder and dysphoric milk ejection reflex**

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