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Alison Newman, hailing from Mount Gambier, South Australia, is a singer and songwriter creating deeply personal music.  Her journey in music has been a dynamic one, marked by a diverse range of opportunities, from small vocal ensembles to large choirs and duos, all of which have contributed to her growth and the evolution of her unique musicality.

Alison's musical journey has been punctuated by significant milestones. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, she was nominated for the South Australian Music Awards Folk Artist Peoples Choice Award. She clinched the South Australian State Final of Listen Up Music's 'The Songwriting Prize' in 2021 with her original song 'Pieces of My Pain', which was performed live in Sydney in January 2022 for the national prize. 

Alison's musical journey began in childhood when she started singing and continued to do so throughout her life. She attributes her eclectic music taste to exposure to various music genres from her family. Her earliest formal singing lessons focused on correct diaphragmatic breathing techniques, and she often performed for her family with her sister Emma during her childhood.

Noteworthy is her debut album, "Heart Songs," which was released in late July 2019. Following that, she has released three standalone singles; "Sunshine Sundays" in November 2019, "It's Not Christmas Without You" in December 2019, and "For the Rest of My Life" on Valentine's Day 2020.

During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, Alison shared her love of creating covers in her project "Circa Aurora," where she covered well-known songs in her unique style.

Looking ahead, Alison is currently immersed in creating her next album, an EP titled 'Wolf '. This project, set to be released in June 2024, delves into her personal experience with postnatal depression, promising a deeply introspective and emotive musical journey.

“The Wolf plays the role of the PND, and I am akin to Little Red Riding Hood.”

Three tracks from "Wolf" have been critically acclaimed;  Things Are About To Get Dark won the Australian Songwriters Association. 2021 Exceptional Merit Award in the Rock/Indie Category. Pieces of My Pain won the 2021 South Australian State Final of the Listen Up Music Songwriters Prize and recently Free Me was featured in the Top 100 Listen Up Music Songwriters Prize 2024.

Alison is also a podcaster, producing The Art of Being A Mum, a weekly podcast where Alison enjoys honest and lively chats with artists + creators about the joys + issues they've encountered while trying to be a mum + continue to create. Themes like the mental juggle, identity, how their work is influenced by motherhood, "mum guilt", cultural norms, how they give themselves time to create within the role of mothering + the value that society gives the artistic mother. You can find out more here 

Things Are About To Get Dark

This track won the Australian Songwriters Association 2021 Exceptional Merit Award in the Rock/Indie Category 

"What a song! It stops you

in your tracks!"

Nigel Loveday Radio Eastern Melbourne

00:00 / 03:33

Free Me

My cry, in vain, to the Wolf to let me go, to free me, to free my soul and leave me. And I am left to wonder just how did this happen again, and realising that no one is in full control of themselves.

00:00 / 03:08

Ready for Up

I am ready to celebrate the coming out of the fog, I am feeling more like myself, adjusting to life as a new mum.

00:00 / 02:58

Feel into You

The final track, a song to celebrate the people that helped me through 

00:00 / 04:01


18 June ABC Sth East
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1 July 88.3 Southern FM
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9 July Bayside FM
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Photos by Renae Lowe Photography

Cover designs by Alison

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