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Hannah Olson

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Hannah Olson

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Hannah Olson is an artist and mother of 3 girls, living in Utah, USA. Originally from Luton England, she has enjoyed being creative from a very young age. In High School she had 2 really wonderful art teachers that pushed her and introduced her to many mediums like watercolour, charcoal and pencils, and encouraged her to pursue it. A high school teacher's words have remained with her "It doesn't matter what you do, but always stay creative."

In College she decided to take all of the art classes she possibly could and discovered oil painting and fell in love with it. She tends not to stick to the same mediums, or subject matters, mixing it up between charcoal and watercolours, painting portraits, landscapes and still life's. Hannah really enjoys the challenge of working with new materials and subjects.

She is inspired by many artists like William Bouguereau, Sargent, Van Gogh, Carl Rungius and more recent artists such as Jenedy Paige, Cesar Santos, and Andrew Tischler. While being a mum to three little ones is not easy, she finds time to paint and draw in between nappy changes, piles of wash, and endless messes.

Although her children are her main focus right now she can't wait for the chance to create more and inspire others through her work.

Today we are joined by Hannah's 5 month old daughter Millie today in the podcast.

Hannah- website / instagram

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When chatting to my guests I greatly appreciate their openness and honestly in sharing their stories. If at any stage their information is found to be incorrect, the podcast bears no responsibility for guests' inaccuracies.

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Thank you so much for tuning in today, welcome to the podcast.


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My guest this week is Hannah Olson, she's an artist and a mother of three girls living


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in Utah in the United States.


00:01:35,680 --> 00:01:41,000

Originally from Luton in England, Hannah has enjoyed being creative from a very young age.


00:01:41,000 --> 00:01:45,720

In high school she had two really wonderful art teachers that pushed her and introduced


00:01:45,720 --> 00:01:50,880

her to many mediums like watercolour, charcoal and coloured pencils and encouraged her to


00:01:50,880 --> 00:01:52,340

pursue art.


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A high school teachers words have stayed with her ever since, it doesn't matter what you


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do but always stay creative.


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In college Hannah decided to take all of the art classes she possibly could and discovered


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oil painting and fell in love with it.


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Nowadays she tends not to stick to the same mediums or subject matters, mixing it up between


00:02:12,840 --> 00:02:18,720

charcoal and watercolours, painting portraits, landscapes and still lifes.


00:02:18,720 --> 00:02:24,080

Hannah really enjoys the challenge of working with new materials and subjects.


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She's inspired by many artists like Van Gogh and more recent artists such as Genity Page


00:02:29,840 --> 00:02:31,920

and Cesar Santos.


00:02:31,920 --> 00:02:36,320

And while being a mum to three little girls is not easy, Hannah finds the time to paint


00:02:36,320 --> 00:02:41,480

and draw in between nappy changes, piles of washing and endless messes.


00:02:41,480 --> 00:02:45,880

Although her children are her main focus right now, she can't wait for the chance to create


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more and inspire others through her work.


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Today on Hannah's chat you'll hear from her five month old daughter Millie who joins us.


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Thank you Hannah for coming on, it's such a pleasure to meet you today.


00:03:03,280 --> 00:03:07,120

It's a pleasure to meet you too, I'm excited to be here.


00:03:07,120 --> 00:03:08,640

Oh that's awesome.


00:03:08,640 --> 00:03:13,240

So where abouts are you at the moment and what time is it?


00:03:13,240 --> 00:03:20,440

So I currently live in Utah in the United States and it is 5.30 at night.


00:03:20,440 --> 00:03:24,240

So you would be in Monday still wouldn't you?


00:03:24,240 --> 00:03:27,160

Yes, it is still Monday here.


00:03:27,160 --> 00:03:31,680

That's the thing I find so fascinating about doing this is like the other day I was talking


00:03:31,680 --> 00:03:36,320

to someone, yeah it was their night before, I don't usually get people that are ahead


00:03:36,320 --> 00:03:42,360

of me just because where Australia is, we're sort of fairly close to the start of the day


00:03:42,360 --> 00:03:43,360

I suppose.


00:03:43,360 --> 00:03:49,440

Yeah but yeah I've had some fun ones, like yeah I don't know it's just I find it so fascinating


00:03:49,440 --> 00:03:56,000

that we're all here but we're all existing in these different times.


00:03:56,000 --> 00:04:00,000

And can we introduce your little visitor you've got sitting on your lap there if that's alright?


00:04:00,000 --> 00:04:05,960

Yes so this is Millie my youngest and she just turned five months old and she can be


00:04:05,960 --> 00:04:11,360

quite loud hopefully she'll not be too bad.


00:04:11,360 --> 00:04:15,320

That's cool if she wants to get involved in the chat that's fine with me.


00:04:15,320 --> 00:04:16,320

We love her.


00:04:16,320 --> 00:04:17,320

Oh she's adorable.


00:04:17,320 --> 00:04:23,120

Oh I love that blue headband you've got on her head, it really brings out her eyes like


00:04:23,120 --> 00:04:24,120

it's just gorgeous.


00:04:24,120 --> 00:04:28,520

I know my sister-in-law gave it to me, she gave me two of them and I'm like oh I need


00:04:28,520 --> 00:04:31,520

one in every colour they're so fun.


00:04:31,520 --> 00:04:57,640

I love it.


00:04:57,640 --> 00:05:02,720

Tell me how you got into your painting, is it something you've been doing for a long


00:05:02,720 --> 00:05:03,720



00:05:03,720 --> 00:05:09,640

So yes and no I've been creative since I feel like everyone has been creative at some point


00:05:09,640 --> 00:05:13,520

growing up as a kid like you have your crayons and all that so it was something I always


00:05:13,520 --> 00:05:20,960

enjoyed and then it wasn't until I hit high school I had two really wonderful art teachers


00:05:20,960 --> 00:05:28,480

that pushed me and also introduced me to loads of different mediums mostly wash of colour


00:05:28,480 --> 00:05:33,480

and charcoal and coloured pencils were the main ones I did but I feel like in school


00:05:33,480 --> 00:05:40,080

they kind of show you a bunch of different kinds but they were the ones who really were


00:05:40,080 --> 00:05:45,640

like I think you have a knack for it like you could be really good if you wanted to


00:05:45,640 --> 00:05:50,840

and of course I had my mom who was very like thought everything I did was amazing which


00:05:50,840 --> 00:05:51,840

was very helpful.


00:05:51,840 --> 00:05:55,320

Yeah very supportive and encouraging.


00:05:55,320 --> 00:05:59,880

And so I just remember my one teacher in high school kind of pulled me aside one day and


00:05:59,880 --> 00:06:05,840

he's like it doesn't matter what you do but always stay creative and so I thought in my


00:06:05,840 --> 00:06:15,600

head I was like okay it's with me and I've always wanted to do it since then and then


00:06:15,600 --> 00:06:18,400

in college or I guess is it university over there?


00:06:18,400 --> 00:06:21,520

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah.


00:06:21,520 --> 00:06:28,240

I decided to just take all of the art classes I possibly could so the way they have it over


00:06:28,240 --> 00:06:34,280

here is you have for your first few years like classes that you're required to take


00:06:34,280 --> 00:06:37,840

so you've got your maths and your english and all of that and then you get elective


00:06:37,840 --> 00:06:42,440

classes where you get to choose what you would like to do so I just filled them up with as


00:06:42,440 --> 00:06:47,720

many art classes as I possibly could because that's what I enjoyed the most and just had


00:06:47,720 --> 00:06:52,080

a blast and that's where I learned how to do oil painting.


00:06:52,080 --> 00:06:58,600

I had one oil painting class and I fell in love with it so primarily I oil paint at the


00:06:58,600 --> 00:07:04,800

moment but I do get a little bit bored every once in a while where I can't just stick to


00:07:04,800 --> 00:07:09,440

one thing so it's like I'll do a couple oil paintings and then I'm like oh I really want


00:07:09,440 --> 00:07:14,240

to do a watercolor so then I'll I'll do that and then oh I really want to do a charcoal


00:07:14,240 --> 00:07:19,040

so I kind of jump all over the place and I feel like that's also kind of the same with


00:07:19,040 --> 00:07:21,760

my my subject matter too.


00:07:21,760 --> 00:07:31,160

I love portraits yeah I really like like emotions and people and faces and but at the same time


00:07:31,160 --> 00:07:35,560

you know there's those there's good landscapes and still lifes that I'm like oh just you


00:07:35,560 --> 00:07:39,360

walk by and see things you're like oh I just I need to paint that or I need to draw that


00:07:39,360 --> 00:07:44,320

and so I kind of I hop all over the place which is why if you go on my Instagram it's


00:07:44,320 --> 00:07:51,120

very mixed there's not like one nice aesthetic it's just all over the place.


00:07:51,120 --> 00:07:56,320

Yeah I always like a good challenge so yeah there'll be times I'll be like scrolling through


00:07:56,320 --> 00:08:00,720

Instagram or I'll be talking to someone and I'll see that someone do something I'm like


00:08:00,720 --> 00:08:06,080

oh I want to try that I wonder if I can do that and so I think that's also something


00:08:06,080 --> 00:08:10,000

else that just makes me not stick to one thing.


00:08:10,000 --> 00:08:11,000



00:08:11,000 --> 00:08:12,000

I just have to try it all.


00:08:12,000 --> 00:08:38,680

I love that.


00:08:38,680 --> 00:08:41,720

You sound like you've got a UK accent going on.


00:08:41,720 --> 00:08:50,600

Yeah I'm originally from England and when I get nervous it comes out usually I've been


00:08:50,600 --> 00:08:56,080

in the States for quite a long time and even my husband is like I can't hear it anymore


00:08:56,080 --> 00:09:01,080

it's gone away yeah when I get nervous I guess it's still there.


00:09:01,080 --> 00:09:03,680

You revert back to your day to.


00:09:03,680 --> 00:09:07,520

So yeah when you first when you said watercolour for the first time I went hang on a second


00:09:07,520 --> 00:09:13,160

I can hear something in there so whereabouts were you from in England?


00:09:13,160 --> 00:09:19,640

So I was born in Luton just kind of right near London and then my mom was Irish and


00:09:19,640 --> 00:09:25,120

so we also lived in I lived in Ireland for a few years as well in my younger years and


00:09:25,120 --> 00:09:30,520

she was a single mom during the beginning portion of my younger years and then she got


00:09:30,520 --> 00:09:35,400

remarried and so we moved to Texas because that's where her my stepdad was living at


00:09:35,400 --> 00:09:41,040

the time and then we moved to Utah he got a job change and so that's kind of how we


00:09:41,040 --> 00:09:43,560

moved around and so I've just stayed here.


00:09:43,560 --> 00:09:48,280

So how long have you been in the US for?


00:09:48,280 --> 00:09:56,600

Oh let's see I'll do some quick math I'm not great at math probably about I don't know


00:09:56,600 --> 00:09:57,600

seven years maybe?


00:09:57,600 --> 00:09:58,600

Yeah right.


00:09:58,600 --> 00:10:02,600

I want to say it's been quite a while.


00:10:02,600 --> 00:10:07,680

Yeah I love that you've still got your accent though I think that's pretty cool but my best


00:10:07,680 --> 00:10:14,040

friend's Irish from Northern Ireland and she's been out here maybe 12 years 11 or 12 years


00:10:14,040 --> 00:10:18,040

and she's still thick as like I still have times where I have to ask her to repeat myself


00:10:18,040 --> 00:10:22,280

hello Helen if you're listening but and it sort of becomes a bit of a joke like what


00:10:22,280 --> 00:10:24,280

did you say say that again?


00:10:24,280 --> 00:10:28,200

That's great you know it's gonna be funny when my friends hear me over here they're


00:10:28,200 --> 00:10:32,200

like what's wrong with you you sound nothing like you did before.


00:10:32,200 --> 00:10:36,840

Yeah that's it isn't it it's all relative isn't it oh that's funny so um yeah back to


00:10:36,840 --> 00:10:41,120

you sorry I got off track then but I do have a bit of a thing for accents so I sort of


00:10:41,120 --> 00:10:43,840

that's another fun thing about chatting to people.


00:10:43,840 --> 00:10:51,880

So um the style that you do is quite like representative of the object that you're painting


00:10:51,880 --> 00:10:55,800

what do you call that style because I'm not very good at all that sort of technical form


00:10:55,800 --> 00:10:56,800



00:10:56,800 --> 00:11:06,840

Honestly I don't really know I feel like slightly like it's contemporary realist thing like


00:11:06,840 --> 00:11:12,960

I like I like realism but I also like to see a little bit of a painterly touch to it if


00:11:12,960 --> 00:11:19,640

that makes sense so I don't yeah I don't I enjoy looking at other people's photo realism


00:11:19,640 --> 00:11:24,600

but that's not for me I'm I don't know if I have the patience to learn all the technical


00:11:24,600 --> 00:11:30,320

skills for that so I enjoy I don't know I think I would call it contemporary realism


00:11:30,320 --> 00:11:34,560

but I don't even know if that's a thing so yeah no well that I mean that that'll give


00:11:34,560 --> 00:11:38,200

people an idea when they're listening but it's like just having a look at the sort of


00:11:38,200 --> 00:11:42,360

the different styles like different things you've the subjects I guess there's a there's


00:11:42,360 --> 00:11:48,160

a gorgeous picture of a cow which I love that I mean I love cows yeah and this building


00:11:48,160 --> 00:11:54,560

that you posted a lot of posts about what what building is that the building so I don't


00:11:54,560 --> 00:12:02,520

know that is a temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints down here in Manzai


00:12:02,520 --> 00:12:08,760

and so that is just part of my religion and it was actually the place that I got married


00:12:08,760 --> 00:12:17,920

in and oh wow that's pretty spectacular yeah and my my husband's family they his I think


00:12:17,920 --> 00:12:23,640

it's third great grandfather was the master mason for building the temple and so it has


00:12:23,640 --> 00:12:52,760

a lot of family history connected to it and so yeah absolutely


00:12:52,760 --> 00:12:58,080

is this your second child you've got this is my third your third oh my apologies third


00:12:58,080 --> 00:13:08,360

I've got I've got three girls oh lovely that would keep you busy oh they do they do a whole


00:13:08,360 --> 00:13:15,240

new world when you have little ones running around so what's the the age the ages of them


00:13:15,240 --> 00:13:22,720

so my eldest is Shannon and she's five and then my middle is Oakley and she's three and


00:13:22,720 --> 00:13:27,120

then Millie here is five months little Millie oh I love the name Oakley that's a really


00:13:27,120 --> 00:13:36,160

that's a really cool name love that yeah we uh oh no oh bubba we uh had a funny story


00:13:36,160 --> 00:13:41,080

with that with my husband we have a really hard time picking out names especially for


00:13:41,080 --> 00:13:49,080

girls and of course we had all girls the one you know yeah those are the tough ones and


00:13:49,080 --> 00:13:54,600

I I was just scrolling through I think I was on Pinterest actually just looking at different


00:13:54,600 --> 00:13:58,720

names and I saw the name Oakley and I was like oh I kind of like that and I mean by


00:13:58,720 --> 00:14:04,680

this point I was already like I don't know 30 some odd weeks pregnant like it's a long


00:14:04,680 --> 00:14:10,120

time yeah it was coming close so we needed to make a decision and uh I turned to my husband


00:14:10,120 --> 00:14:14,560

I was like I like this name Oakley he's like I suggested that at the beginning and oh you


00:14:14,560 --> 00:14:20,360

like had you didn't say anything about it I'm like oh well I like it now I guess oh how


00:14:20,360 --> 00:14:29,440

funny oh dude hello look at that gorgeous smile hey hey darling oh goodness I worked


00:14:29,440 --> 00:14:33,880

in childcare for nine years and I was in the baby's room for most of that so and now I


00:14:33,880 --> 00:14:38,720

work in kindergarten so I miss out on the all the baby snuggles so it's nice to see


00:14:38,720 --> 00:14:42,640

the baby snuggles are the best they're my favorite


00:15:09,000 --> 00:15:13,840

So throughout the time when you had have had your girls have you have you've been able


00:15:13,840 --> 00:15:16,960

to maintain your art practice?


00:15:16,960 --> 00:15:23,160

I guess I should say it was different I guess I should say that it stopped it was just different


00:15:23,160 --> 00:15:34,080

and came in waves yeah I feel like when I had my first after you know after a month


00:15:34,080 --> 00:15:40,840

or so we kind of got in a little bit more of a rhythm and I was able to set aside like


00:15:40,840 --> 00:15:47,760

okay I'm gonna wake up an hour earlier and focus on myself and have an hour of painting


00:15:47,760 --> 00:15:52,920

and get that done and that was really helpful for me but I discovered the more kids you


00:15:52,920 --> 00:15:59,960

have the less you can plan it is so difficult to plan when you have three little minds completely


00:15:59,960 --> 00:16:08,280

different to yours and I don't know I feel like but I do feel like I have learned from


00:16:08,280 --> 00:16:15,320

having kids that not to waste time like I'm really good at not wasting my time when I


00:16:15,320 --> 00:16:20,920

have like oh I've got an hour that I can spend I could tell you exactly what I was gonna


00:16:20,920 --> 00:16:25,880

do with that hour right now whereas I feel like before I had kids I'd be like oh I've


00:16:25,880 --> 00:16:34,600

got all day I don't have work today so I can just you know I'll watch a show or maybe sleep


00:16:34,600 --> 00:16:39,000

in I'll do this and then by the time I got around to him like oh it's too late now like


00:16:39,000 --> 00:16:44,600

I should be going to bed and so I feel like I'm a lot better now with time management


00:16:44,600 --> 00:16:52,360

but I just have less time to work with so yeah yeah it kind of you know it just depends


00:16:52,360 --> 00:16:57,640

it does help sometimes having like I'll bring the kids in with me into my my little space


00:16:57,640 --> 00:17:03,560

and I'll set them up with their paints or their colors and that works out it works out


00:17:03,560 --> 00:17:08,200

decent however you don't get to get like in the zone because I don't know if you've been


00:17:08,200 --> 00:17:14,040

around little kids but they ask questions all day long and it's like I've answered that


00:17:14,040 --> 00:17:19,720

question 50 times but I will answer it again for you yeah and now give me five minutes


00:17:19,720 --> 00:17:24,280

so yeah that's it isn't it yeah but I feel like there's a difference between getting


00:17:24,280 --> 00:17:30,440

just time to yourself and also spending time with your kids doing your your craft yeah it's


00:17:30,440 --> 00:17:35,640

sort of like only half your your brain can work on what you want to do because they're there and


00:17:35,640 --> 00:17:40,360

you're sort of conscious of what they're up to and like you said the questions and they seem to you


00:17:40,360 --> 00:17:45,800

know their patience runs out so much quicker and you know it's like you just yeah like you said you


00:17:45,800 --> 00:17:51,720

can't get in that in that flow of letting letting yourself go but but that's but that's a really


00:17:51,720 --> 00:17:56,520

common thing that people say you know and I often say like when I didn't have kids I don't know what


00:17:56,520 --> 00:18:04,440

the hell I did with my time like I must have wasted so much time seriously I know yeah I


00:18:05,000 --> 00:18:11,640

I hear when my I have two younger sisters and I think back to when I was their age I'm like


00:18:11,640 --> 00:18:21,560

like what did I do with myself like yeah yeah I don't know yeah yeah that's not a whole answer


00:18:21,560 --> 00:18:26,360

but I I have no idea what I did because there's so many things I want to do now that I can't do and


00:18:26,360 --> 00:18:41,720

oh yeah you know what it's worth it


00:18:56,760 --> 00:19:06,040

So something I like to talk to my mums about is sort of the identity of you know when you're just


00:19:06,040 --> 00:19:11,080

you just yourself or you know with your partner and then you become a mum did you have sort of


00:19:11,080 --> 00:19:18,680

any sort of I don't know tricky emotions to work through when you changed to become a mum or were


00:19:18,680 --> 00:19:26,360

you did you sort of flow through really you know effortlessly I guess I mean I think it depends on


00:19:26,360 --> 00:19:35,320

the day because I feel like yes definitely there was an identity difference but I was lucky in that


00:19:35,320 --> 00:19:41,960

growing up I always wanted to be a mum and so it was something I almost wanted to do more than my


00:19:41,960 --> 00:19:48,920

art and I think that is helpful because I'm like I know that there's a time in a season with my


00:19:48,920 --> 00:19:54,360

girls at this age and that at some point you know they're going to be in school and I'm going to


00:19:54,360 --> 00:20:02,360

have that time back again so I think I think in that way it wasn't too hard but I mean you do get


00:20:02,360 --> 00:20:07,880

those days when you just don't feel like yourself and you're like I just I wish this day could just


00:20:07,880 --> 00:20:14,600

be me creating with no one else bothering me and I mean I feel like everyone's going to have a hard


00:20:14,600 --> 00:20:21,720

day sometime but the majority of the days I feel like no I'm doing what I want to be doing and


00:20:21,720 --> 00:20:27,320

yeah there will be will be time so yeah that's it it's a good way of looking at it like I um


00:20:27,320 --> 00:20:31,800

I was actually at a function on Saturday night and there were some people there whose daughter's just


00:20:31,800 --> 00:20:37,480

turned 20 and got a license and now they have no children to run around or take to places and


00:20:37,480 --> 00:20:42,600

they're like what do we do with ourselves now and I'm like that will come you know that's because


00:20:42,600 --> 00:20:47,800

my kids are seven and 15 so at some point in my life I won't have to do that and then I'll go oh


00:20:47,800 --> 00:20:54,360

my gosh this is my time now so yeah it's like don't don't stress too much because you know it's coming


00:20:54,360 --> 00:21:09,800

yeah yeah absolutely


00:21:09,800 --> 00:21:13,240



00:21:23,560 --> 00:21:27,960

with you creating and with the girls um something else I love to talk to my mums about is this


00:21:27,960 --> 00:21:33,240

concept of mum guilt and I've sort of put that in air quotes because I don't know it's a it's a


00:21:33,240 --> 00:21:38,600

made-up name I guess to that describes a lot of really deep and complex feelings it's not just


00:21:38,600 --> 00:21:46,600

as simple as you know hashtag mum guilt um yeah what are your thoughts on that so I 100% have mum


00:21:46,600 --> 00:21:53,960

guilt or whatever we want to call it and I think that's probably my number one struggle as a mom


00:21:53,960 --> 00:21:59,640

is just dealing with the emotions of feeling like oh I should be doing other things I should be with


00:21:59,640 --> 00:22:07,240

my children um I feel like for me it it almost clicks like as soon as I'm feeling happy about


00:22:07,240 --> 00:22:12,600

something it's like as soon as I'm enjoying what I'm doing I'm instantly like oh should I not be


00:22:12,600 --> 00:22:17,960

enjoying myself right now there's a pile of wash that needs to be done or I haven't played any


00:22:17,960 --> 00:22:23,000

games like children today or and it kind of it's just in the back of your head and it never goes


00:22:23,000 --> 00:22:31,160

away um and I I do have I do struggle with trying to figure out when it's okay to be like no this is


00:22:31,160 --> 00:22:38,760

me time I can focus on myself and do my craft right now and then also yes I have two weeks of


00:22:39,560 --> 00:22:45,720

wash that's in the laundry room and I've got dishes piled up and the floors are a mess and


00:22:45,720 --> 00:22:51,640

my kids are eating snacks off the floor I should probably stop and yeah you know like yeah yeah


00:22:51,640 --> 00:22:58,040

it's I have yet to figure out like the best oh uh is it possible I don't know


00:22:58,040 --> 00:23:03,880

oh that's the thing I feel like yeah I feel like getting it right and and that's also in


00:23:03,880 --> 00:23:07,640

air quotes too because I don't I don't think there is a right or wrong it's just whatever


00:23:07,640 --> 00:23:12,840

suits but it's really hard to get that balance constantly like I feel like sometimes you feel


00:23:12,840 --> 00:23:17,480

like it's going really good and then other times like the scales tip in this the other direction


00:23:17,480 --> 00:23:22,520

you go oh hang on a sec like that's literally me right now I've got so much washing to do


00:23:22,520 --> 00:23:26,760

so much tidying to do and I'm like actually I don't want to do that now I want to do this


00:23:26,760 --> 00:23:37,960

oh it was it was like me last night I was so I was so on top of it last night because I knew


00:23:37,960 --> 00:23:42,920

that I had this podcast and I was so excited about it that I was like I'm gonna clean my living room


00:23:42,920 --> 00:23:47,800

my kitchen while the kids are in bed and then tomorrow I can just focus and look at my notes


00:23:47,800 --> 00:23:53,480

and it's gonna be so smooth and so great never think you have a plan when you have kids you just


00:23:53,480 --> 00:23:58,600

can't because I woke up in the morning well I woke up about eight times last night well I think it


00:23:58,600 --> 00:24:03,000

was really only six but it felt like a lot because my little Millie who's usually a really good


00:24:03,000 --> 00:24:08,440

sleeper and sleeps through the night decided last night was the night to wake up and then


00:24:09,400 --> 00:24:16,840

I woke up really tired but I'm like oh you know what it's fine because I I cleaned and I was like


00:24:16,840 --> 00:24:21,880

the only thing I have to do today is clean the girls playroom because let's be honest it probably


00:24:21,880 --> 00:24:26,680

been about two months since I had cleaned it and it was a little bit disastrous so if I'm gonna


00:24:26,680 --> 00:24:31,960

bring stuff in here to record I need to have it clean but I was like that's grand and so I


00:24:31,960 --> 00:24:39,240

told my eldest I was like Shannon the only thing I need to do today is clean the playroom downstairs


00:24:39,240 --> 00:24:46,520

and have you girls keep upstairs tidy as well and so she's like okay and then she ran off and I


00:24:46,520 --> 00:24:51,800

started getting ready I was feeling so proud of myself for just like being on top of it and like


00:24:51,800 --> 00:24:56,440

oh it was eight in the morning and I was dressed and I was getting you know like I was on top of


00:24:56,440 --> 00:25:03,960

it today yeah and then of course she comes running in and goes mom mom I have a surprise for you


00:25:04,680 --> 00:25:12,040

I'm thinking okay I mean usually her surprises are like oh I tidied up the toys in the living


00:25:12,040 --> 00:25:16,200

room or I helped my sister put on her shoe you know they're usually good surprises


00:25:16,200 --> 00:25:20,520

so I'm not you know I'm like great thank you I'm gonna finish getting ready and then I would love


00:25:20,520 --> 00:25:26,520

to see your surprise yeah and then she leaves and then I keep getting ready and then she comes back


00:25:26,520 --> 00:25:33,560

again she's like are you ready yeah I'm ready to show you my surprise and I'm like well okay um not


00:25:33,560 --> 00:25:40,360

yet just give me one minute she's like it's either gonna be a good surprise but it could be a bad


00:25:40,360 --> 00:25:47,080

surprise oh no I hope it's a good surprise because you I don't for the most part they're good


00:25:47,080 --> 00:25:52,200

surprises she hardly ever gives me bad ones so I'm like okay just give me a minute but she was so


00:25:52,200 --> 00:25:57,000

excited to tell me so I'm like for sure she's done something great because she's so excited


00:25:57,000 --> 00:26:02,520

so excited finished getting ready and I call out and I'm like hey Shannon I'm ready for your surprise


00:26:02,520 --> 00:26:07,880

and she's like I'm downstairs like oh did she start cleaning because I told her I really wanted


00:26:07,880 --> 00:26:13,000

to clean and that would be like so sweet of her because you know she's so nice and I come down


00:26:13,000 --> 00:26:19,080

the stairs and the door of the playroom is closed and I'm like let's never close wonder why she


00:26:19,080 --> 00:26:28,280

closed it and I open the door and we have this it's like a shelving unit that's like steps that you


00:26:28,280 --> 00:26:37,000

can store toys inside and I don't know if you've seen them yet and so as I open the door she is


00:26:37,000 --> 00:26:44,360

standing proudly on the top part of this cabinet and all of the buckets have been taken out and


00:26:44,360 --> 00:26:53,800

dumped all over the floor oh she just looks at me with pure joy I've destroyed the place


00:26:54,360 --> 00:27:04,200

just so proud of herself and I'm like Shannon oh lord I wanted to clean and she's like are you so


00:27:04,200 --> 00:27:13,320

proud of my surprise I'm not proud of your surprise oh it's not a good surprise but you know I feel


00:27:13,320 --> 00:27:18,360

like that's just what it's like having kids yes you feel like you're on top of it and then they


00:27:18,360 --> 00:27:24,920

have to do something to show you no mom you're not on top of it I'm in charge today and let me


00:27:24,920 --> 00:27:31,080

show you how I feel about that so I mean I love that story oh Shannon they're fabulous


00:27:31,080 --> 00:27:40,680

but man they can be tough sometimes oh goodness oh she was helping wasn't she yeah


00:27:41,560 --> 00:27:46,920

yeah and she did tell me she did tell me she's like I'll help you clean it up it's okay and then I'm


00:27:46,920 --> 00:27:52,440

like okay that would be nice and as I'm cleaning she's like just in a minute and then she'd like


00:27:52,440 --> 00:27:57,000

pull more stuff out as I'm cleaning and I'm like Shannon we're trying to clean up and she's like


00:27:57,000 --> 00:28:02,360

yes but I'm making a soup and then she would like keep making a soup and then eventually we got the


00:28:02,360 --> 00:28:07,880

whole room clean and she's like see didn't I do such a good job cleaning that up mom and I was


00:28:07,880 --> 00:28:14,840

like I did a good job cleaning that up thank you you did a great job making more mess and making


00:28:14,840 --> 00:28:22,840

so it was okay oh my gosh I love that yeah you literally you never know what you're gonna get


00:28:22,840 --> 00:28:27,640

you literally you never know what you're gonna get do you like I feel like that it's sort of like


00:28:28,440 --> 00:28:32,440

the story like you know when you're about to go to work and your car doesn't start like I feel like


00:28:32,440 --> 00:28:36,520

that's parenting all the time but with your children like there's always something just gonna


00:28:37,160 --> 00:28:43,240

get thrown at you yeah 100% and it's always when you least expect it when you think you've got it


00:28:43,240 --> 00:28:48,120

that's when it yes yeah it's like it lulls you into this false sense of security it's like


00:28:48,120 --> 00:28:54,440

hmm no now we're gonna wreck it yeah oh god and then they keep coming they're just more and more


00:28:54,440 --> 00:29:06,840

you know yeah oh man it wears you out doesn't it


00:29:06,840 --> 00:29:14,200



00:29:15,400 --> 00:29:19,240

you're listening to the art of being a mom with my mom I was so


00:29:23,960 --> 00:29:27,560

do you have family nearby where you are like to help out with the girls


00:29:28,280 --> 00:29:34,920

I do yes so um my I have my mom and my stepdad and my two younger sisters and they live


00:29:34,920 --> 00:29:42,120

about 30 40 minute drive from our house so they're really close and then my husband all of his family


00:29:42,120 --> 00:29:50,360

live in Utah and so most of them are about an hour away but still close when we need them so yeah


00:29:50,760 --> 00:29:58,200

oh that's great isn't it yeah yeah we've got good support there yeah that's comes in handy my mom's


00:29:58,200 --> 00:30:05,560

the best what does your mom think now like because you said before she really encouraged your like


00:30:05,560 --> 00:30:09,320

when you made things when you were little like is she like look at what you do now and is like


00:30:09,320 --> 00:30:15,160

super proud of that you've been able to keep doing it oh yeah I mean I think so she's all she I mean


00:30:15,800 --> 00:30:22,840

is she allowed to say that I'm doing terrible I don't know she never does not to you she's she I


00:30:22,840 --> 00:30:28,520

mean anything I do she's like oh I think that's amazing and of course growing up I think I don't


00:30:28,520 --> 00:30:34,120

know if it was my last years of high school or when I was in college I painted a few paintings


00:30:34,120 --> 00:30:39,560

for fun and she bought them she was the first person to really buy some of my paintings and


00:30:39,560 --> 00:30:43,800

I'm sure it was for way more than they were actually worth but it made me feel so good inside


00:30:43,800 --> 00:30:48,920

that someone wanted to purchase my art instead of just look at it and I think that really that


00:30:48,920 --> 00:30:55,240

really helped and so lots of times when I'm feeling down on myself I can uh I'll give her a ring and


00:30:55,240 --> 00:31:03,160

ask for her advice or for her her love and support because she's more than happy to give it um yeah


00:31:03,160 --> 00:31:10,040

today my Shannon again uh I decided to ask her because I was like wouldn't it be nice for the


00:31:10,040 --> 00:31:16,920

podcast to have like this really sweet story of like asking my kids like oh like how do you feel


00:31:16,920 --> 00:31:22,360

about mom and her art and what kind of moment or am I you know because yeah yeah I just thought


00:31:22,360 --> 00:31:28,520

oh it'd be so nice and so I asked Shannon and I was like what kind of mom do you think I am like


00:31:28,520 --> 00:31:34,840

do you you know I was like am I doing a good job you know kind of yeah she looks at me she goes


00:31:34,840 --> 00:31:41,880

you're just a really frustrated mom all the time that was not what I was going for Shannon oh


00:31:41,880 --> 00:31:50,200

my gosh maybe she didn't understand it so I'm like what about like that I do art and that I'm kind of


00:31:50,200 --> 00:31:54,840

creative and I I teach you things do you like do you like doing art with me do you like my art


00:31:54,840 --> 00:31:59,400

what do you think of that and she's like well to be honest the last one you did I didn't really like


00:32:00,120 --> 00:32:07,640

and I just didn't want to tell you because you seem to really like it thank you oh my gosh


00:32:07,640 --> 00:32:15,640

she will forever be honest she's such a character isn't she yeah she's so funny she's so funny


00:32:15,640 --> 00:32:20,760

I feel like we need to have like a section of this podcast dedicated to Shannon she's like earned her place


00:32:20,760 --> 00:32:31,000

yeah oh I love her yeah but that's the thing like I love I love this this idea that you know


00:32:31,000 --> 00:32:36,600

we are as mothers we have this mothering role but we still have all these things


00:32:36,600 --> 00:32:41,720

that we do apart from that and that we did do before we had kids so it doesn't just stop you


00:32:41,720 --> 00:32:46,360

know all of a sudden we have a baby and this part of our lives just disappears into thin air so


00:32:46,360 --> 00:32:51,880

I think it's I don't know that holding on to that part of yourself and that identity


00:32:51,880 --> 00:32:57,240

I think is so important and Shannon's obviously seen it to be able to give her critique


00:32:57,240 --> 00:33:07,400

she gave me a piece of advice as well today where she was like it would be better if I could do it


00:33:07,400 --> 00:33:12,520

with you but sometimes you don't let me and I don't like that so I think she just wants to be more


00:33:12,520 --> 00:33:21,000

involved and yeah you know which is easy to say a little bit more difficult to do with you know


00:33:21,000 --> 00:33:28,040

yeah you're doing these um very detailed and yes yeah oh goodness


00:33:28,040 --> 00:33:51,480

now it sounds like a lot of fun in your house it is it's a bit of a madhouse but I wouldn't change it


00:33:58,040 --> 00:34:13,000

so online I noticed that you you sell like your prints and that sort of stuff do you have um


00:34:13,720 --> 00:34:17,640

and like you mentioned about your mum your mum purchasing you some of your early stuff that you


00:34:17,640 --> 00:34:24,040

made do you sort of have this idea about the value of your your art or the value of your


00:34:24,040 --> 00:34:32,040

your creativity that it's dependent on what you get for it or that society can still value art


00:34:32,040 --> 00:34:38,920

even if it doesn't have a monetary value attached to it um that's a good question I think


00:34:41,080 --> 00:34:47,480

I don't know I feel like deep in me I'm a little bit of a people pleaser so I feel like when


00:34:47,480 --> 00:34:54,760

when I do sell a work of art I get very excited especially because I don't sell very many I'm I


00:34:54,760 --> 00:34:59,400

don't have a whole lot of time and when I do do commissions they usually take me anywhere from


00:34:59,400 --> 00:35:03,720

like six to eight months to complete because I don't have a lot of time to work on them so


00:35:05,080 --> 00:35:15,160

those I do like I don't know it does make me happy however I do feel like um almost more so when I


00:35:15,160 --> 00:35:22,280

someone sees a work that I've done or when they purchase it and then they tell me how they feel


00:35:22,280 --> 00:35:30,440

about it like it makes it 10 times better like I would much rather have someone look at my work


00:35:30,440 --> 00:35:35,800

and say that really affected me or changed my life or really touched me then I would sell the


00:35:35,800 --> 00:35:40,680

work to someone that I don't even know if they appreciate it if that makes sense so yeah so I do


00:35:40,680 --> 00:35:50,040

I do feel like there's um I don't know there's a lot of worth in just the work without it being


00:35:50,040 --> 00:35:59,960

sold however it does you know I do like when it gets sold yeah yeah yeah no I could like a lady


00:35:59,960 --> 00:36:05,720

I spoke to the other day um put it really well said like as artists we sort of exist to be able


00:36:05,720 --> 00:36:12,440

to share and and like whatever things that have influenced or things we're going through that we


00:36:12,440 --> 00:36:18,840

put into our work it's so lovely if someone at the other end can relate to that in their own way um


00:36:18,840 --> 00:36:36,120

and then if they tell you about it that's even better you know yeah 100% agree with that yeah


00:36:48,840 --> 00:36:50,120



00:36:51,480 --> 00:36:56,600

did you notice after you had your girls after you became a mum that what influenced your work changed


00:36:59,560 --> 00:37:06,520

I mean yes yes it did there was an influence however I also feel like I have so many ideas


00:37:06,520 --> 00:37:10,840

of things that would show that a lot more I feel like in the work that's on my instagram


00:37:10,840 --> 00:37:19,000

there isn't a lot that's child related or any I don't know you know what I'm talking about


00:37:19,000 --> 00:37:25,080

anything like that however I have like I do have a picture of my girls that I've started painting


00:37:25,080 --> 00:37:32,920

that I just love and I love the idea of kids when they like discover new things like my


00:37:32,920 --> 00:37:38,440

littlest Millie here the other day found her toes and we she was just sitting just sitting in the


00:37:38,440 --> 00:37:43,400

bumbo just in like a little seat on my counter just playing with her toes and she was just so


00:37:43,400 --> 00:37:49,240

full of wonder and I'm like that would be just the perfect little like little picture of just


00:37:49,240 --> 00:37:55,320

her toes and her her cuteness and there's I don't know just when like kids go outside and they see


00:37:56,040 --> 00:38:01,720

I don't know birds or something my my middle child Oakley the other day we were on a drive


00:38:02,360 --> 00:38:07,080

and she was like birds I see birds there's two of them and she was just so thrilled at the idea of


00:38:07,080 --> 00:38:14,280

seeing birds I'm like I would love to capture just that happiness and that wonder of that just that


00:38:14,920 --> 00:38:21,400

that excitement so I feel like somewhere down the line there's going to be some works of mine that


00:38:21,400 --> 00:38:29,720

encompass just childhood wonder because I really I really enjoy that and I think also with some of my


00:38:30,600 --> 00:38:34,840

my religious pieces I have a few of those that I would like to work on and just to kind of share


00:38:34,840 --> 00:38:40,440

that with my girls and have that feeling in our household and share that with the world too would


00:38:40,440 --> 00:38:48,760

be would be really nice so yeah absolutely I feel like that because like I said I worked in in early


00:38:48,760 --> 00:38:53,960

childhood for a long time and that moment when kids discover something it's just this just when


00:38:53,960 --> 00:38:58,360

you were telling me about it then I was getting that that beautiful like warm feeling and almost


00:38:58,360 --> 00:39:04,040

like goosebumps like it's just I think as adults we just we've seen it all we take it all for granted


00:39:04,040 --> 00:39:09,960

and then when you're brought back to those minuscule tiny moments like toes you just it blows your mind


00:39:09,960 --> 00:39:17,640

and just it's wonderful yeah I love it I think we need to have more moments like that where we just


00:39:17,640 --> 00:39:27,800

stop and look at our toes and go oh my god the world's amazing yeah especially in this busy busy world


00:39:27,800 --> 00:39:31,560

yeah and that's it isn't it and then you know we've got all these distractions and things that


00:39:31,560 --> 00:39:37,480

are there to take our time up and you can we can sort of lose track of what's just you know the most


00:39:37,480 --> 00:39:41,400

important stuff no it's right in front of us and sometimes we don't see it


00:39:44,200 --> 00:39:46,200

sorry I'm getting all philosophical now


00:39:50,200 --> 00:39:54,440

by the way I love the way you said grand before because my Irish friends say grand all the time


00:39:54,440 --> 00:40:00,360

oh that's grand they say oh I love it probably my mom and me


00:40:00,360 --> 00:40:02,360

yeah no I love that


00:40:02,360 --> 00:40:04,360

I love that


00:40:04,360 --> 00:40:09,800

so have you got any pieces that you're working on anything you want to share about future works or


00:40:09,800 --> 00:40:33,560

anything at all so I mean I have really a lot of work to do and I'm really excited about it and


00:40:33,560 --> 00:40:40,520

I'm looking forward to it I'm looking forward to getting to do some of my own books or anything at all


00:40:42,440 --> 00:40:50,200

so I mean I have my one painting that you can see on my Instagram of a pioneer lady and for


00:40:50,840 --> 00:40:58,360

for me with that painting I really wanted to kind of symbolize the strength of women and just um


00:40:58,360 --> 00:41:06,840

the Mormon pioneers. I won't go into detail about it, but basically they came across the


00:41:06,840 --> 00:41:13,400

plains in hand carts during all types of weather and faced lots of hardships to arrive in Utah and


00:41:13,400 --> 00:41:22,280

eventually, you know, make their city and live and, what's the word I'm looking for,


00:41:22,280 --> 00:41:30,920

have their religion as they wanted to. But there's so many stories about just how strong those


00:41:30,920 --> 00:41:36,600

women were and what they went through. And I mean, they had children and family members who passed


00:41:36,600 --> 00:41:44,840

away and there was, I don't know, there's just a lot for me that I look up to in the pioneer women.


00:41:44,840 --> 00:41:49,480

And I just wanted to, I don't know, I just wanted to kind of capture that in a painting. And I don't


00:41:49,480 --> 00:41:56,680

think I'm there yet. I still feel like there's a few things that I need to add or do, but that is


00:41:56,680 --> 00:42:03,160

the main one that I'm working on is just, I want to paint a strong, powerful woman who's been through


00:42:03,160 --> 00:42:10,840

a lot, but also knows she's doing it for a purpose. So that's my main one. And then,


00:42:10,840 --> 00:42:18,200

I don't know, I had an idea the other day from a friend to do with my kids. She showed me


00:42:19,160 --> 00:42:24,760

someone painting a little, one of their little kids stuffed animals and all of my girls have a


00:42:24,760 --> 00:42:30,360

little stuffed animal that they just adore. In fact, they're kind of my eldest elder too,


00:42:30,360 --> 00:42:34,600

they're kind of torn to pieces. They get chewed on and they were loved. I mean, honestly,


00:42:34,600 --> 00:42:39,480

they're a little bit gross for anyone except for my girls, right? I'm like, how sweet would that be


00:42:39,480 --> 00:42:46,680

just to have all three of them on a shelf just to represent my children? And we'll see, but


00:42:47,560 --> 00:42:49,800

you know, got to get through this other one first.


00:42:51,320 --> 00:42:53,880

That's the thing when you've got so many ideas, it's like literally,


00:42:54,520 --> 00:42:58,840

yeah, you've got to actually have the time to do all these ideas.


00:42:58,840 --> 00:43:03,320

Yeah, well, I have a page in my sketchbook of like, oh, this is something I want to paint,


00:43:03,320 --> 00:43:07,960

this is something I want to paint or draw. And there's a whole long list of them. I will never


00:43:07,960 --> 00:43:15,320

be out of ideas. I just need a bit more time. Yeah, not short of ideas. I love that.


00:43:38,360 --> 00:43:44,280

Is it important to you that they see you as more than in your mothering role? And I don't say just


00:43:44,280 --> 00:43:49,080

a mum, I've got to stop saying that because we're not just a mum. But yeah, more of them the mothering


00:43:49,080 --> 00:43:59,880

role. Yes, I think anytime you can show your kids how you can be your own person, but also


00:43:59,880 --> 00:44:11,400

be a mum at the same time. I have an aunt who growing up, she was also a young mother and then


00:44:11,400 --> 00:44:15,800

also did art. And I came to stay with her for a little while and she showed me her portfolio.


00:44:15,800 --> 00:44:20,680

And I was just amazed at her skill and her talent and how she was still able to,


00:44:23,000 --> 00:44:27,400

you know, paint and draw and do the things she loved and also still have kids because I was like,


00:44:27,400 --> 00:44:32,760

that's what I want to be doing. And so it was nice to have someone to look up to, to be like,


00:44:32,760 --> 00:44:38,280

no, she can do it, I can do it too. And so I think it is good. Even if my children


00:44:39,480 --> 00:44:45,080

don't end up into art or don't want to be creative in something, I think just showing them that


00:44:45,640 --> 00:44:50,280

you don't have to be just one thing in your life. You can be a multitude of things, I think is


00:44:50,840 --> 00:44:55,640

important. Yeah, that's very well said. I like that. Because I think it doesn't have to be a


00:44:55,640 --> 00:45:00,360

thing in particular, like you said, doesn't, they don't have to take it on, but it's, it's saying


00:45:00,360 --> 00:45:07,080

that mums can do lots and lots of different things and things that don't necessarily revolve around


00:45:08,040 --> 00:45:13,560

that mothering role. Yeah, for sure. As I was, I don't know what question it was, as I was going


00:45:13,560 --> 00:45:19,480

through some stuff, I got thinking about myself, I think it was talking about like identity maybe,


00:45:19,480 --> 00:45:25,960

and just that there's my one aunt always tells me, she's like, there's a time in a season that,


00:45:26,520 --> 00:45:31,480

you know, right now you're raising your children and that's a beautiful, wonderful thing. And then


00:45:31,480 --> 00:45:35,480

later you're going to have an amazing time doing your art or whatever it is you'd like to do.


00:45:36,200 --> 00:45:42,920

And so I got thinking about how I sometimes feel, feel bad that, or like feel like I'm missing out


00:45:42,920 --> 00:45:47,400

because I haven't gotten myself out there. Like you scroll through Instagram or social media and


00:45:47,400 --> 00:45:53,240

you see like all of these moms doing it and more like accomplishing what you want to, but, or even


00:45:53,240 --> 00:45:59,240

people that aren't moms just, you know, being out there and doing things. And I think sometimes I


00:45:59,240 --> 00:46:05,400

get down on myself thinking like, Oh man, like, did I, did I mess up somewhere? Did I, you know,


00:46:05,400 --> 00:46:12,120

did I have kids too early? But then I realized like, I'm not, I'm not ruining my chances by having,


00:46:12,120 --> 00:46:17,720

by having kids. Cause there's still going to be, there's still going to be time. And I heard this


00:46:17,720 --> 00:46:26,600

analogy that it was, it was talking about how being creative is kind of like exercise. And it's like,


00:46:27,720 --> 00:46:35,000

it's preferable every day to exercise. I mean, if we could, it would be really great, wouldn't it?


00:46:35,000 --> 00:46:42,200

But it's not like a must has to be done. You have to exercise. And if you went to the doctor and


00:46:42,200 --> 00:46:48,440

you said, I am so sorry. It's been two years since I've exercised. I'm just going to quit because I


00:46:48,440 --> 00:46:56,520

can't do it anymore. I've forgotten how to do it. I'm done. Like, I'm sorry. I've given up. I can't


00:46:56,520 --> 00:47:03,480

do it. No doctor is going to be like, you're right. You haven't done, you haven't exercised in two


00:47:03,480 --> 00:47:08,600

years or five years or 10 years. You can't exercise anymore. It will not be good for you. I mean,


00:47:08,600 --> 00:47:14,120

that would just be, that would be ridiculous. So it's the same way with, with your craft, whatever


00:47:14,120 --> 00:47:20,920

it is that you choose to do. Like it doesn't matter if you've had a 10 year break, if you said,


00:47:20,920 --> 00:47:25,800

Hey, I have children and I want to raise them and I haven't done it in 10 years. You can always start


00:47:25,800 --> 00:47:33,720

back again. You can always do a little thing. Even just five minutes here and there, it's only going


00:47:33,720 --> 00:47:39,960

to make you better. It's not going to be any worse for you than just leaving it behind.


00:47:39,960 --> 00:47:47,320

Cause I feel like at one point when I had my first daughter, I didn't paint for a really long time


00:47:48,600 --> 00:47:54,440

because I just couldn't find time for it. And I just, you know, it's difficult because you're


00:47:54,440 --> 00:48:00,440

getting used to a whole new life with a little baby. And I thought to myself, is this it? Should


00:48:00,440 --> 00:48:08,680

I be, should I be done? Like, should I give it up? And that's just silly. I eventually learned like


00:48:08,680 --> 00:48:16,360

I go crazy if I don't paint. Like I, I can't not be creative. And when I try, I just, it's like,


00:48:16,360 --> 00:48:20,680

I'm about to explode. I get in this big bubble and then I'm like, I give up and just everything,


00:48:20,680 --> 00:48:25,720

you know, it kind of all goes to pot. And then I just, I spend all day painting and


00:48:26,520 --> 00:48:30,920

the house becomes a mess. And my husband wonders what happens. And I'm like, I'm sorry. It had been


00:48:30,920 --> 00:48:39,960

too long. He's so nice. He understands that some days that's how it's going to be. But anyway,


00:48:39,960 --> 00:48:43,800

but yeah, I just really liked that. It's like, it's just like exercise. Even if you've left it


00:48:43,800 --> 00:48:49,960

for a long time, you could always go back to it. And so what there will be days when you'll get


00:48:49,960 --> 00:48:54,120

you'll get, you won't do anything, but then there'll be other days where you'll get in the zone and


00:48:54,120 --> 00:48:59,160

get lots of work done and it'll be great. Yeah. No, I love that. That's really good. I've never


00:48:59,160 --> 00:49:04,280

heard anyone put it quite like that. That's really good. Love that. And I think it's so true. And a


00:49:04,280 --> 00:49:10,200

lot of moms say this, if, if they're not filled up, you know, the cups not filled up, the metaphor,


00:49:10,200 --> 00:49:14,920

you know, you can't pour from an empty cup. If you haven't done the things that make you regulated


00:49:14,920 --> 00:49:20,680

and fulfilled, then you're not going to go out into your family and project, you know, perhaps


00:49:20,680 --> 00:49:25,800

the person that you want to be. So it is so important to do these things for ourselves. And


00:49:25,800 --> 00:49:31,080

it just makes for an all rounder, you know, more harmonious household, I guess.


00:49:32,840 --> 00:49:40,520

Until Shannon does something in the play. I've just got a vision in my head of your daughter.


00:49:40,520 --> 00:49:47,240

I just love that. Oh, I do. Little Jim. Thank you so much for coming on Hannah. I loved your chat


00:49:47,240 --> 00:49:53,480

today. It's been gorgeous meeting little Miss Millie here. Hey, little darling. Thank you for


00:49:53,480 --> 00:49:59,320

having me. I feel really special that you let me join. I was going through all your podcasts and


00:49:59,320 --> 00:50:03,240

listening to all of these other wonderful women and their stories. And I'm like, I don't think I


00:50:03,240 --> 00:50:09,960

have anything to add on these people. Oh my gosh. No, you have so much to add. They have such good


00:50:09,960 --> 00:50:17,640

information. Oh, no, no, it was never feel like that. You've got so much to add. And honestly,


00:50:17,640 --> 00:50:25,240

that imposter syndrome too, you know, oh, yes. Yeah. Kick it to the curb. There you go. Bye bye.


00:50:25,240 --> 00:50:33,560

Imposter syndrome. Yeah. No, good on you. Thanks again. Thanks for your company today. If you've


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